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We are passionate about performance. We are passionate about people.
P1 truly believe that in a competitive world - people are the difference.

Very often when you engage with a training company or consultant you end up working with people who can talk the talk. Everybody at P1 though has also 'walked the walk'.

We have unrivalled business experience at every level; from trainee to board level, from SME to multi-national corporates.

In sales, marketing, distribution, logistics, distribution, independent dealer, contract stationer, retail, manufacturing, wholesaling, recruitment and HR. Local, regional, national and international.

Major New Environmental Logistics Initiative from Performance 1st

Performance 1st have announced a major new environmental logistics initiative for the business supplies market called Verticle Alliance.

Verticle Alliance sees P1 team up with award-winning environmental logistics specialists Gnewt Cargo to supply zero emissions end user fulfilment on behalf of office products and business supplies distributors.

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Training Workshops Academy

Dedicated training and skills development for any progressive business.

Launched in 2009 and available exclusively from P1, our training workshops are a training and skills development academy designed specifically for business development.

The academy offer a thorough, concise and dedicated programme and will successfully deliver and meet all of its key objectives. Learn more...
Structure, Focus, Management & Motivation

SFMM stands for Structure, Focus, Management and Motivation and is a workable, practical and proven framework for success. What tools should you use to measure success and how and when should you use them? That is a challenge facing many small and medium sized business in the office products industry. Some seek clarity and a way forward; others can see it but need the help to make it work. Larger businesses often have the luxury of this skill set to hand in their workforce but need a third party to challenge processes and viability. This is why P1 created SFMM - a simplified and proven approach to sustainable performance improvement. Learn more...
Business Champions Academy

Specialist management and leadership training from P1. If you believe, like us, that people really are the difference in a business then you need to know how to get the best of your people.

In a world where one-size-doesn't-fit-all nothing could be truer than managing and leading others. The variability's of the individual qualities and quirks of people tests even the greatest managers and leaders.. Learn more...
New Talent Academy

The most extensive skills training and recruitment programme for new recruits. The New Talent Academy (NTA) is P1's proven programme of industry leading skills training and recruitment for new talent looking for a successful career in sales.

New for 2015, the programme has been extended and improved to provide the most extensive programme in the market for new recruits. The NTA programme combines candidate sourcing and selection with the office products industry's leading skills training programme. All from one provider.. Learn more...

At P1 we are proud of our reputation as performance improvement specialists. We are proud of our success in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes - from small independents to national and international organisation - improve their results. We provide consultancy, training, support, coaching, guidance and practical solutions in every area of performance management. We are proud of our growing list of satisfied clients all over the UK. Learn more...

New for 2015 is a dedicated programme of marketing support and consultancy from P1. Headed by a leading marketeer, Pete Belmonte, Optimiser sets out to do what the name suggest; Optimise the return on your marketing investments. The way clients respond to marketing and the message you want them to receive has changed. The market is crowded with competition. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter thanks to the digital age. Learn more...

Recognising the challenges that companies and individuals face when recruiting is why we formed P1 Resources - P1's specialist recruitment division. Led and staffed by very experienced and 'street-wise' recruitment industry specialists this is what we do day in, day out. The things that may get missed by others who go through the recruitment process only occasionally is our forte. Finding suitable candidates and options for you to consider is our job. Matching the right people to the right role, right culture, right dynamic is our goal. Learn more...
HR Health Check

Specialist HR consultancy, training and support services Health Check from P1 is a dedicated HR service and support programme for you and your business.

With Health Check we offer everything you need for your HR function within your own business. Whether it's hiring new employees, retaining the great ones or managing the difficult ones, we'll provide the best possible solution for your business.. Learn more...

We help business owners improve their operations and drive the success of their companies. This includes improvements for financial and reporting processes and integrating risk considerations into their performance management activities, as well as assistance in reductions of working capital and improvements to cash flow, control and optimisation of costs. Learn more...

To remain competitive, businesses must boost operational efficiency wherever possible. Businesses are increasingly under pressure to become more productive, more efficient, and at the same time, more competitive. Making the most of your available resources are critical to supporting the specific needs of your business. Operational efficiency encompasses several strategies and techniques to accomplish the vital goal of delivering quality goods to customers in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Resource utilisation, production, distribution and inventory management are all common aspects of operational efficiency. Learn more...
One 2 One

What is the most important element to your business? Easy that's sales, without them there is no business. What department in your business do you devote least time to? Easy that's the sales team. Every study ever conducted sites time with a superior is the greatest motivator for any sales person. The fact is however most business don't do the basic 1:1 function. It's the last thing on the list, Operations, Finance, Purchasing, HR are all jobs that need to be done right now, the sales force can wait... and they usually do forever. Learn more...
P1 Credit Services

At P1 we specialise in people performance. We recruit, we train, we coach, we help the change process, we improve business performance. There are a whole number of business challenges today; margin erosion, competitor activity, account retention, account development, new business attainment, time pressures, system changes, operational changes, costs rising. All these areas need investment, some from time to time others all the time, just to stand still let alone try and move forward. Learn more...
Performance 1st are proud to be official training providers for the Focus 7 programme.

Focus7 take you on a journey through each element of your business development and helps you to achieve considerable growth along the way.

Focus7 provides you with all the support you need to get the right answers and provides you with practical 'lead generating' solutions and services to drive growth into your business

So if you want to attract leads, grow sales and succeed, talk to the Focus7 team today.
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We work with ambitious businesses that want to grow their bottom line.

How can we redesign our sales process to drive revenues? How can we grow top line revenue and profitability of our most valued customer base? How can we reinvent our core propositions for even greater success? Our old business model is dying. What's the new, future proof answer?

Performance 1st helps ambitious business people to realise their growth potential by meeting their challenges and by offering a wide range of practical services, from assessing growth options to unlocking finance to training new recruits.

We have brought together a range of programmes and services to give you the support and expertise you need to really help to grow your business:

< Increase your productivity
< Increase your sales
< Get into new markets
< Acquire businesses
< Develop new products and services

We have helped many owner-managers achieve their business and personal ambitions. Many seek to grow their business more quickly and achieve increased profits while other businesses are already growing rapidly and want to manage and control that growth. Maybe you want to develop a robust growth strategy for the next stage of development of your business. Or you want to develop an exit plan - we can help.

We are a company with a reputation for helping business leaders create and deliver ambitious plans for growth. Our programmes and consultancy interventions have been shown to have a substantial impact - developing leaders, strategies, and organisations which are much more capable of achieving significant growth.
For further information about P1 Performance 1st, contact us:
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